Saturday, October 6, 2012


As soon as I began to look at this app I could instantly see what it was about and I liked what I saw! All of the signs of the horoscope were clearly listed and displayed and for anyone who likes to read their horoscope then this is the perfect app for them. Download app here!
The graphics are cleverly designed with a black background to create a lovely mystic feeling and then all of the star signs were clearly listed along with a clear picture of their symbol so you could instantly recognise which was which.
Rather than a game this is more of an informative app for people who like to follow and read their horoscopes. I was very impressed at how detailed this app was and the abundance of information available.
Once you have clicked on the desired star sign it will give the date of the day you have picked but you can also go back to the days before or jump ahead to the next day to get your reading. I initially stuck to the present days reading and was given a brief over view of what my horoscope said. Horoscope Review

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