Saturday, October 13, 2012

Escape From Creepy Lab

Escape from Creepy Lab is an adventure game for Android mobile devices that all kinds of players will enjoy. Download app here!
In Escape from Creepy Lab, your worst nightmares are confirmed. You wake up in a mysterious and creepy laboratory, where a crazy scientist has placed you so that he can run terrible experiments on you as you remain helpless.
Fortunately, you are not so helpless after all and you immediately start to plot your escape from the creepy lab and the certain doom that it represents.
It will not be easy, but you must use your problem solving skills to help your character escape safely! Throughout the game, you will run into many different obstacles as you guide your character around by tapping areas of the screen that you want him to move to.
You can also hold an area to keep him walking in the corresponding direction in relation to where he is. Of course, the game is not as easy as it sounds! There will be dangerous creatures to avoid, like zombies and robots, as well as traps that could spell your doom if you become ensnared in them. Escape From Creepy Lab Review

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