Thursday, October 18, 2012

MyMathBook HD

MyMathBook is currently available on iPad and is due to be released on iPhone in the very near future. Download app here!
This application is designed for young children to help develop their mathematic skills in a fun and engaging way. This educational software is ideal for ages as low as three years old and can help youngsters up to the age of six or seven.
MyMathBook has many animations, illustrations and colourful graphics to help capture children’s interest and make learning mathematics fun.
The application contains different sections and features where basic arithmetic can be learnt. The app uses a wide range of characters to help kids remember numbers and how to perform certain tasks built around mathematics.
The colours and animations are designed to keep young children interested and eager to use the software more. There are currently thirteen different topics that the application covers. In upcoming versions at least three more subjects have been announced and expected to be available as a free update. MyMathBook HD Review

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