Monday, October 8, 2012


Guesstimate, an app where you can Guesstimate anything your friends want to buy or sell. The iPhone application, which I am going to introduce today, the Guesstimate, has its own uniqueness and excellent functions for it to be called one of the top Lifestyle app on iPhone. Download app here!
Everyday we all shop many things online and offline, but it can be hard to decide if you are paying more for something. So today Make Sense launches its new iPhone app that let you ask your Facebook friends for their Guesstimation. At first when I glanced at this app I could see that it was going to be useful for people who wants a guesstimate on services and products. 
However as I dwelled deeper into this app I soon discovered it was a lot more. The idea behind Guesstimate is that the user can post a request asking friends, even public to guesstimate the item. The item can be either something user is looking forward to buy or sell. Other users can post their thoughts on the item, such as how much they think it would cost, where they have found it for that price etc. 

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