Friday, July 13, 2012

Locus Pro

Locus Free is, as the name says, a free Android app from the Play Store that enables you to find yourself in a map.
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No joke. It’ll pinpoint your exact location more accurately than Google has ever managed. You can then use it to set an itinerary by pinpointing stops in your journey and so many more options. This app can be quite complex to operate, so you should start by choosing the ‘Beginner’ option, which will enable you to pick any add-ons you’d like to download from the Play Store.
Once you’ve chosen, click on ‘next’ and you’ll have a few more setting options, then finally arrive at the map containing a little radar symbol that marks your spot. Once here, you have so many options that one little review would not be enough to cover them all, so I suggest you download this app now and give it a try for yourself. This app gives you several specific tools for Geocaching, including coordinates, tracking and GPS. Think of how much it would cost to buy a GPS and you’ll be convinced to try this app instead. Locus Pro App

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