Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Quadratum is a fast paced puzzle game.
The goal of this game is to collect the highest number of squares in your color. To do that you have to select a color which is next to your current set of blocks. At the end of the game the person with the largest number of squares wins. 
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This is a puzzle game, so you have to pay close attention and choose the right color to maximize the number of squares you occupy.
If you choose wrong, then your rivals can move in and take the squares for themselves. You can choose to play Quadratum with two or four players depending on how fast you want the game to go.
Two player games progress very rapidly since there are fewer players to wait on to take their turn. At the start of the game all of the players are given one square with a flag on it, and the object is to connect that square to other squares.
The game board is a mixture of different color squares and at each turn players choose a color and if there are squares of the color next to their current collection of squares, their lot changes colors and expands to include the new squares. The gameplay is very fast paced, so players can play through multiple levels in a short period of time. After a few rounds, this game becomes very addictive and it is hard to quit playing. There is always a section of black squares in the middle of the board that players have to work around because they cannot be combined with your section of squares. Quadratum Game Review

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