Monday, July 9, 2012

Jekyll & Hyde Hidden Object

Ever dream of being a detective? Download app here!
Whether you’re fascinated by the mystery surrounding the Sherlock Holmes character or you enjoy the more recent (and gruesome) C. S. I series, you know that being a detective requires great analytical skills, good eye for detail and, most importantly, not being easily scared. So are you up for the challenge? Then download the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde app today!
You begin by listening to the story surrounding the murder of Sir Danvers Carew, killed in an alleyway in 19th century London. Your character, a famed detective, is responsible for following the tasks assigned to solve the mystery and find the killer.
There are several different characters (or should we say suspects) involved in the story and, as you progress, you learn more and more of their alibis and relationships with the victim. Once you reach the end of the demo version, you’ll be given the link to purchase the full version and, trust me, you’ll most definitely want to. Jekyll and Hyde Hidden Object game

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