Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pilo3 An Interactive Children's Story Book

As parents, we all know how beneficial it is for our children to get a good education. 
We look for different ways in which to motivate our kids to want to learn new things and new ideas. Thanks to the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad, we can let our children experiment with their imagination and at the same time have fun.
A new app designed for both iPhone and iPad lets your children begin an interactive journey into the world of cooking.
Pilo, a children's book character who is loved around the world are a soft and cuddly pillow doll who leads your children on an interactive adventure with each reading. Pilo3 is the next chapter in the popular Pilo series of apps and teaches your children fun things about cooking.
Let's review how this app put together and if it is a good choice for your children. When you first start the app, it looks more like a game than an educational app, but it is more than just a game, it is fun for your little ones while teaching them new things. Pilo3 Story Book Review

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