Saturday, September 27, 2014

Iwento App

Introducing the newest and latest application for those people who love to travel and see all the places and locations that they have been through.
The all new Iwento (I-when-too), a private personal mapping tool available for Iphone, created and released by Harrier Studios.  This tool allows you to see what places that you have been and how often you’ve been into those places. One of its amazing feature is that, this map grows with the user, the more the user uses the map the grater the map grows.
In other words, the more places you go through the more details your map gets.Want to know or remember where you have been last September 5? Well, just log in to your Iwento’s filter and see where you have been during that day. What’s good about this app is that it has feature in which you can filter date and time, (month, year, etc.) so that you may know what day and time you have been in the places that you want to remember. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Well, that’s not it. Iwento also has another feature which is called “Journey”. This feature allows its user to track where ever he go during a vacation, road trip or any other adventure that the user may want to and it is 100% private.
The user app will not worry about a thing, because the creator of this app does not collect their location data, it is 100% private, and so privacy is not a problem in this tool, it is written in the terms and agreement. Always read the terms and agreement first before using this app to secure everything is fine. Quick Start Guide, open the app and tap the “Menu” and turn on “Auto Tracking” and choose the interval in minutes, the app will then set your location at once.
When the map started to get shape, you can now then change its gradient color and map style on the menu depending on your style or what you want it to be. But always remember one thing, that this map won’t start looking when you didn’t have plotted 100+ locations yet. So better go out there and start exploring with your new app that would surely accompany you whenever and whatever places you will be. This app is actually under development by the Harrier Studios to even improve its content to gain more customers approval.This application is applicable only for Iphone and Ipad users but we do hope they would also create an android version of it so that android phone users may also experience how best this application is.
It is not for free you need to purchase for it to start using it is available now on Appstore. So grab your Iwento now and boast it with your friends and family or much better let them grab theirs, and experience the best thing that this app can offer you and you’re friends. 


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