Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Puppy Wings Game

Puppy Wings is a fun shooting arcade game lead by a unique cute-looking unicorn-dog. The characters are so vibrant, and it is not a hard or complicated type of game.
You can even use one finger to play this game so it will be easy to those who have a busy day, but still want to chill or give their selves a break for a moment in the middle of a very stressful situation.
Puppy Wings is sort of fun and funny as it is. Unlike other games that will just give you stress rather than having a good time, Puppy Wings guarantees you a good vibes while playing this colourful and friendly-user game.
This game is suitable for any age. This is perfect for children, teenager and people who have young at heart. It will surely give you an excitement and thrill.
Puppy Wings comes from two versions.
It has the free trial version, which let you experience the beauty of the game, and a full version (paid version) which let you experience more about the game and at the same time you will surely enjoy each level of different enemies and wonderful background and power-ups. From Cyber Centipede to Sea Urchin to Mud Crab, and so many many more.
Imagine defeating these cute and unique characters but at the same time will give you the eagerness to finish and pass each level as well. We give you 100% guarantee that you will surely enjoy this game and it won’t give you any stress or headache and will just give you plain and pure fun.
The texture work is impressive, backgrounds are colourful and vibrant in details, and the audio/sound is pretty good.

- Classic arcade-style shoot'em up with colourful and fun characters.
- Exciting customizable weapon upgrades.
-Unique and fun to play characters.
- 3 gameplay modes: Normal, Score Attack and Time Attack
- Super easy control - just need one finger to play

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