Friday, April 13, 2012

Whale Trail

Fly Willow the Whale high through the sky in the magical world of Rainbow Land.
Watch out for the nasty Baron Von Barry who is ever close on Willow’s tail.
Collect Blubbles, loop the loop, smash the grumpy Thunder Bros enemies and meet cool characters along the way.
• Soundtrack by Gruff Rhys of ‘The Super Furry Animals’
• Simple and intuitive one touch gameplay
• 2 game modes, Classic and Challenge
• 2 Challenge Packs with 64 levels, can you 3 STAR them all?
• Go wild smashing the Thunder Bros in ‘Frenzy’ mode
• Launch into space at super speed with Hyper-Boost power-ups
• Smash clouds with Cloud Mine power-up
• Suck up Blubbles with Blubble Magnet power-up 
• Compete against friends with Game Center
• 64 achievements to unlock, testing your skills to the MAX
Whale Trail Game

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