Monday, November 11, 2013

Ice Gold Run

Addicted to ice in any form, I couldn’t say no to ‘Ice Gold Run’. The downloading part was pretty simple and the fact that it was an ‘I’ app was good enough for me anytime. The point of the game is to accumulate coins.
The quickness of the game was captivating and it kept me quite engaged for hours together. The little animated creatures are fun to watch and as you jump every cliff fall you can literally feel yourself on the edge of the seat ready to leap anytime. Everybody loves the bling-bling and the gold at stake is easy to obtain. However as the game progressed, it becomes tedious with the ski gaining speed, which only further pulled me in. I could cross levels after collecting 60 gold coins. The best part is I wasn’t the only one playing it! My friend who was with me was also having an adventure with the Ice Gold Run app, as it has multi player options. Competing and having fun, it offered a refreshing change of atmosphere for both of us. Ice Gold Run Review

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