Friday, November 1, 2013


There are lots of apps especially for mobile devices. Some of these apps have been developed to give the users exciting and amazing features that are superb. If you are a game freak or someone who would love to get busy and engaged while travelling, you may love Squirrely - Fun Flying Squirrel Shooting Game, Collect Nuts, Feed Squirrels, Climb Trees. This is an app that was developed by Eminence Apps Inc.
The family of Squirrel is really hungry and may not be able to get fed if you are not going to help them. Time is not their friend which means you must be able to beat time while gathering food for them. It is you that would hunt for nuts for Squirrely’s family. Doing this nuts gathering is so simple and does not require a complex learning to get suited to the game. Squirrely Review

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