Friday, December 28, 2012

iSayHello Communicator Pro

iSayHello Pro is a language app and a travel dictionary for the Apple iPad and iPhone. iSayHello Communicator Pro App Download
Now I do not have to carry around so many travel books with me, plus I save a lot of money to boot since those paper travel guides and language books are quite expensive. I love to travel. I have been to many countries in Europe, and I have plans to visit Asia in the near future.
Normally I travel by myself, carrying my backpack, train pass and travellers checks. You might say I am an expert traveller. I am not, however, an expert at speaking many different languages.
I can speak a little Spanish, Italian and French, but not quite so much that it is of substantial help to me. Mostly I rely upon travel phrase books that I have to carry around with me. This is changed though, ever since I found a new application available for download from the iTunes store called iSayHello Pro. iSayHello Communicator Pro Review

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