Monday, December 10, 2012

Kpop Lyrics Plus

So you like Kpop music, but do not know how to speak Korean, or sing along to the Korean Kpop songs?
Well, now your dilemma is over. I am someone who has been following the Kpop scene for a while now, but I am, unfortunately, also a person who does not speak Korean at all. The best I can do is hum to the Kpop sounds, and mumble my way through it. Kpop Lyrics Plus Download
Kpop Lyrics Plus is a new app available in the ITunes store, and what it does is to allow you to select a Kpop song from your iPod, iPhone or iPad music library, it analyses the music and presto!
You will be able to read the lyrics of the Kpop song selected directly while the song is playing. After analysing your selected music, the Kpop lyrics are displayed in real-time on your device display. This is no good if you do not know how to pronounce the Korean alphabet, so the app does something unique: it displays the lyrics after they have been "Romanised". Kpop Lyrics Plus Review

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