Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sleep by MotionX

Sleep by MotionX is designed to record sleeping patterns and help user’s measure natural human biomechanics to enhance sleeping patterns in a natural and non-invasive manner. Sleep by MotionX App iPhone Download
Sleep by MotionX does not only monitor the user’s body but can also suggest sleep cycles and optimal resting periods. Have you ever woken up feeling tired?
Lack of sleep effects many people in the modern world and it is not an uncommon occurrence. Sleep by MotionX can help the user to find optimal sleeping patterns.
It can also suggest the best time of day to take a power nap and can advise the length of time that the user should rest. This is all done by measuring resting and active heart rate. The built-in smart alarm system can be activated to help guide the user into reaching ideal sleeping patterns. Sleep by MotionX Review

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