Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New York Coffee Guide

Ever since the year 1530 when the first coffee shop opened in Istanbul, people have longed to gather together, relax, and enjoy a good hot cup of "Joe". New York Coffee Guide App Download
Knowing where to find the best coffee shop or coffee house can be challenging, especially when there are so many coffee shops to visit in New York City.
With so many places to get a coffee and perhaps a little desert to go with your daily fix, how do you know which coffee shop has the best coffee, desert and atmosphere?
In the past, this could have been difficult, but not any longer, thanks to a new app that is free to download from the Apple ITunes store called New York: Coffee Guide Review. The coffee aficionados at Coffee(In)Touch, the makers of New York: Coffee Guide Review have crafted a perfect iPhone app that not only shows you on a map where all the best coffee shops are in New York City, but it also lets you read user reviews about the quality of coffee and deserts served up at each location, and to leave your own rating. New York Coffee Guide Review

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