Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Note Anytime

Note Anytime is an application designed and optimised to work with iPhone 5. It is also compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and earlier versions of the iPhone running iOS 5 or later. The program is made to take notes and draw sketches. The designs can be made into PDF files, scaled to the size of a white board or shrunk to the size of a sticky note. Note Anytime App Download
The designs can also be uploaded directly to social networking sites and shared with friends, family and followers. Upon opening Note Anytime it will ask if the user wants to download example files.
Files can be opened by clicking on the first icon in the top left hand of the screen. From the same menu the user can also create new files, save the existing page and browse the files saved to the device.
The freehand tools are all located across the bottom half of the palette. They are pre-made tools that can be edited to the user’s requirements by clicking and holding on the icon. The pen settings include thickness, pen style, colour, opacity and gradients. Note Anytime iPhone Review

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