Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paint FX Photo Effects Editor

PaintFX is a fantastic application that lets you create some stunning transformations to your photos or to your friend’s photos. If you like to take quality control of the effects that you apply to your images, then this is the application you should download. Paint FX Photo Effects Editor Android App Download
Lately I have been noticing my friends posting lots of images on Facebook using Instagram, and I have to say those images look pretty good.
The one issue I have though, with Instagram is that you can only apply one photo filter at a time. This bothered me because I like to edit my photos and images, tweak them and apply more than one effect per image.
Since I couldn't do this with Instagram directly, I started looking around for an application that could give me the ability to create multiple effects on a single image or portions of a single image.
Luckily, I found a new application that runs perfectly with my android mobile phone. The name of the application is PaintFX, made by a well-known app development company called Sprite Labs. Paint FX Photo Effects Editor Android Review

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